Through the Bible Week 1, Genesis 1-24


We’ve finished the first week in our 1 year Bible study. We have made it from Genesis 1 through Genesis 24. I love the very first words we find in the Bible: “In the beginning God…” This book is the very foundation of scripture. God establishes His authority, sovereignty, power and plan. In the beginning God already eternally existed. All three persons of the Godhead already eternally existed. The Father eternally existed. The Son eternally existed. The Holy Spirit eternally existed.

After creation, God saw what He made and saw that it was good. God creates everything perfectly. God created man perfectly, and in this perfection was man’s will. Man could choose. Unfortunately, he chose wrong and brought sin and death into the world. Yet, in God’s perfection, He had already made the way for salvation from sin and death. The way is Jesus Christ.

We then see the spiral of mankind down into sin to the point where God must take drastic action and cleanse the world with a flood. One family is saved through the flood, Noah and his family. This one holy line is preserved by God for one reason: Jesus Christ will come through this line. God found Noah righteous above all others. Noah’s righteousness, though, wasn’t of himself, but was the free gift of God given through the future sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. All the righteous followers of God who died before Noah were also saved by the future sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

It is after these events that we are given the great promise of the coming Messiah to Abraham. Through Abraham’s seed, the whole world would be blessed. The coming seed would come through the child of promise. Abraham’s child of promise was Isaac. God then asks of Abraham to sacrifice his son. Isaac is a foreshadowing of Jesus Christ. In this, we see the future sacrifice of Jesus. Though God didn’t make Abraham go through with it, God did sacrifice His own son. What an awesome blessing!

This Week’s Reading Plan:

  1. Day 1 – Genesis 25-26
  2. Day 2 – Genesis 27-29
  3. Day 3 – Genesis 30-31
  4. Day 4 – Genesis 32-34
  5. Day 5 – Genesis 35-37
  6. Day 6 – Genesis 38-40
  7. Day 7 – Genesis 41-42

In His Service, Scott

2 thoughts on “Through the Bible Week 1, Genesis 1-24

  1. Thank you Scott. This really a blessing. (Never thought that the preversation of Noah and his family was solely due to the Seed coming through his lineage and that righteoness was imputed to him because of that.. (Great stuff). Thanks for this.

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