Through the Bible, Intro

It has been a great pleasure to serve as Men’s Ministry leader for several years. Over those years, we have been walking verse-by-verse through many books of the Bible. What I have observed through these studies is that men have a hunger to hear the word of God, but most have never read the Bible from beginning to end.


To that end, we are going to read through the Bible together in 1 year. As we read, I will come here every week and make some comments on the past week’s readings and you can comment on them as well. The purpose of this daily reading is to get you all the way through the Bible, not to replace your needed Bible study time. Each reading should be 3-4 chapters a day and shouldn’t take more than 20-30 minutes. I recommend starting your day with this reading and spending some time in prayer. You will definitely be blessed throughout the rest of the day.

So let’s start reading together.

Plan: Blue Letter Bible Canonical 1 Year Reading Plan

Here are a couple of ways to follow the plan:

  1. Download a PDF of the plan here. Note the readings are numbered 1 through 365 and are not by any particular date, or
  2. Use to keep track of your progress.
    1. Create a User account by going to
    2. Select “Sign Up” in the top right (or Sign In if you already have a YouVersion or account).
    3. From the home page, click on the “Reading Plans” icon on the left bar.
    4. Make sure “All Plans” is selected at the top.
    5. In the “Browse by Category” section, select “Whole Bible”
    6. Scroll down and select “Canonical”
    7. Select “Start This Plan”.
    8. Be sure to download the YouVersion app onto your mobile device.

This Week’s Reading Plan:

  1. Day 1 – Genesis 1-3
  2. Day 2 – Genesis 4-7
  3. Day 3 – Genesis 8-11
  4. Day 4 – Genesis 12-15
  5. Day 5 – Genesis 16-18
  6. Day 6 – Genesis 19-21
  7. Day 7 – Genesis 22-24

In His Service, Scott

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